How Does the Discovery Phase Help Real Businesses?

The decision to found a digital business is associated with a myriad of risks and only the bravest ones decide to begin their startup journey. Unfortunately, most of them fail. 

If you want to be among the successful ones, the discovery phase is an essential step to take. At this stage, you predict risks and create a strategy to mitigate them, uncover the true needs of your target audience, and validate the idea's viability. 

In this white paper you will find out how to:

  • get arguments to convince stakeholders that the idea is worth their investment;
  • uncover the gaps in existing services and deliver the functionality clients will appreciate;
  • detect possible technological limitations before you jump into the development and avoid them;
  • kickstart a successful business even after a few failed attempts.

Find out how different companies including large corporations, small and medium businesses, and early-stage startups allocated their resources for discovery at the very beginning and never regretted this. The inspiring success stories of Google, Airship Journeys, StreamYard, and Attention Experts are waiting for you.