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Building a Data Analytics Platform: The Essentials You Need to Know to Launch a Promising Startup 

The business world is a data-driven place, and business owners take advantage of analytics tools to make important decisions. As part of the business intelligence (BI) domain, analytics will be in great demand in the coming years.

If you want to enter the BI market and build an analytics-focused business, read our in-depth guide to find out:

  • Reasons to consider entering the business intelligence market
  • Examples of successful startups in the analytics sphere
  • A typical analytics platform structure based on AWS services
  • A detailed description of tools and technologies to build a typical analytics platform
  • Steps to build analytics software from scratch
  • The cost to develop an analytics platform MVP
  • A list of Clockwise Software projects in which we’ve implemented analytics functionality

In this guide, you’ll get both technical and business insights that will come in handy when building your analytics platform.